BAI DI – Fugitive traces

BAI DI – Fugitive traces


Fugitive traces



Opening Saturday 25 may 5:30 p.m
05. 25.2019 –06. 30. 2019

Curated by
Wang Chunchen
Valeria Tassinari
The young chinese artist Bai Di (1986, Shan Xi), graduated from Central Academy of Fine Arts in Beijing in 2010 and now living in Beijing and Hamburg, is a very interesting painter of the new Asian generation, that came to appreciate European Neo – Expressionism.

She presents in the OPEN BOX gallery a series of large size oil paintings, executed with a very fast and free brushwork. When we are looking at this paintings, a mysterious and dramatic imagery seems to invite us to find something more, suspended between wilderness and every day life. The truth is forbidden is the title of one artwork, and she says: « My oil paintings express the existential predicaments of modern people, including the relationships between people and the environment, and the relationships between people. My painting methods are influenced by expressionism, stressing that individual emotion is greater than the forms of objective things and that psychological experience is greater than the depiction of concrete details. I often blurs the faces of the figures, but the positions of their bodies are vital and powerful. Whether young women, men, or elderly women, the figures in my paintings are vehicles for emotion that are placed in environments with different emotional atmospheres. They are part of an emotional dynamic, but they do not have explicit goals or directions for their actions; they do not know where they came from or where they are going, which makes the viewer anxious about their fates. My paintings are like a series of shifting scenes, which could also be called dreamscapes. The figures and environments that appear in the works are not clear, and they can be seen as hallucinations. They are like monologues of the soul, with a special rhythm and charm. They speak in a low yet powerful voices. Thin yet heavy, clear yet stable, these pieces come from the soul, and the closer they get to the soul, the more obvious these qualities become, and the thicker and weightier they become; the power of emotion plays a role. This special environment came from a unique idea and from my ingenious staging

The exibition is curated by Wang Chunchen (professor at the Central Academy of Fine Arts in Beijing and deputy director of CAFA Art Museum in Beijing) and Valeria Tassinari (professor at Brera Academy of Fine Arts in Milan and main curator of Museo MAGI’900).